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Consenting to Electronic W-2

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Opt in to receive your W-2 tax form in digital form only in myHR, eliminating the paper copy. You will be able to download (and print) your W-2 as needed, while protecting your sensitive personal information, reducing paper and bulk printing, and decreasing unnecessary expenses.

  1. Log in to myHR at

  2. Click the Pay tile.

  3. Select W-2 Electronic Consent from the left menu.

  4. Review the consent and, if you agree, select the checkbox and click “Submit.”

Important notes:

  • To opt-in for an “electronic-only” W-2, you must consent no later than December 31 of that year.

  • You may withdraw your consent at any time by visiting the same page in myHR.

  • Unless you withdraw your consent, it will remain active for all future W-2 forms.

  • Only employees with access to myHR may opt-in. Some short-term workers (such as “Special Pay” individuals) do not have access to myHR and will receive a mailed W-2 by default.

When will my online W-2 be available?

Per IRS regulations, your W-2 will be available online no later than January 31st. If you opt in to the electronic-only version, we will notify you via email when your form is ready for download in myHR.

What happens if I don’t opt in?

If you are an active employee, you will still be able to access your electronic W-2 in myHR. However, an additional paper copy will be printed and mailed to your “Home” address on file. Opting in prevents the automatic printing and mailing of a paper W-2 form with your personal information.

How will I obtain my W-2 if I leave Northwestern?

Once you leave Northwestern, you are no longer able to log into myHR. If you leave the University before the W-2 is issued in January, it will be automatically mailed to your latest home address on file, regardless of your electronic consent.

Why don’t I have the option to consent?

If you’ve followed the steps above but do not see the “W-2 Electronic Consent” option, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • You have not been paid by Northwestern this calendar year; only employees paid this year, or those newly hired in the last 31 days, will have access to the W-2 Consent.

  • You do not have federal withholding or FICA taxes taken this calendar year; if you have received only scholarship (fellowship) payments, you may not receive a W-2. (Nonresidents will receive a 1042-S Form, while U.S. citizens/residents for tax purposes may still need to report these earnings on their year-end filing, depending on how the funds were used.)

  • You are currently in an unpaid leave status; employees on unpaid leave will receive their W-2 at their current home address.

If none of the above applies to you, and you still do not see the W-2 Electronic Consent option in myHR, please contact askHR at 847-491-4700 or