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Employment Verification

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Employment or Salary Verifications for an Institution or Company

All requests for employment verification by an institution or company should be requested via TheWorkNumber (TWN) at 1-800-367-2884 or

  • Northwestern’s employer code for TWN is 11671.

  • If you are an employee, you may provide the requestor with access to your salary history by providing a “Salary Key.” To create a Salary Key, log into with your SSN and PIN (date of birth).

  • If you are a company and you believe that you are not receiving accurate information from TWN, please do the following:

    • Take a screenshot or download of the data you retrieved from TWN.

    • Email the TWN information and the individual’s release form to, indicating the discrepancy or the additional information needed.

    • Note that we cannot respond to requests that do not provide both proof of an attempt to use TWN and an authorized employee release.


Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Certification

If you are an employee applying for public service loan forgiveness, complete the PSLF form according to the form instructions, and sign. Then submit the form via email to for completion of the employer portion. Allow up to five business days for processing.

Note: As the PSLF contains personal information, we recommend that you password-protect the document before sending, especially if you are emailing us from a non-Northwestern email account. Please provide the password in a separate email, or use something common, such as, “My password is the last 6 digits of my SSN.”


In-person Federal Verifications

Verifications can be provided in-person during normal business hours for federal investigators at 1800 Sherman Ave, Suite 1-100, Evanston, IL. If possible, please contact us ahead of time at 847-491-4700 or so we can ensure a manager is available when you arrive.