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Jul 15 2023

Temp Panel Changes

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With the recent myHR upgrade in summer 2023, the previous Temp Panel has been upgraded to Manage Temp Job. myHR administrators will notice some changes.

  • To navigate to the Manage Temp Job page (pay/title changes, temp terminations), select “Workforce Administrator” from the top left corner; then select the “Manage Temp Job” tile.

  • To navigate to the Temp Reports To page (timekeeping/training approvers), select the Compass icon (top-right corner), and click Workforce Administration > Job Information > Temporary Assignments > Temp Reports To.

Selecting a Record on Manage Temp Job

  1. After searching and selecting a temp employee’s record, you’ll first see a summary screen of the most recent job data.

  2. Click the Create Job Action button in the top right corner.

  3. The following fields will be immediately available:

    Effective Date. This date populates to the beginning of the current pay period. This cannot be changed. If you enter a different date, it will revert back on the following page.

    Effective Sequence. This populates as the next-available Effective Sequence for the employee’s job data. This should not be changed.

    Action. Similar to the radio buttons on the previous Temp Panel, you must select an action to take. Clicking the magnifying glass will present three options: PAY (for pay rate or title changes), TER (for terminations), and XFR (for transfer to a new department node). Select the appropriate option.

    Reason. Select the magnifying glass and choose the appropriate reason. (Note: When using the XFR action, there is only one reason. When using the PAY action, choose SAJ for a salary change, or REC for a title change.)

    Regulatory Region and Business Unit populate automatically. These should not be changed.

  4. Click the Continue button.

  5. Enter the relevant information on the next screen, and click the Next button.

  6. Review your changes and click the Validate button. You may receive some system-generated “Warnings,” but these can be ignored.

  7. Click the Next button.

  8. Click the Submit button.

Additional Resources

For more information about Manage Temp Job, and for details about the Temp Reports To page, please check out these additional resources: