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myHR has been updated! - News / Maintenance - Northwestern Human Resources

Jul 15 2023

myHR has been updated!

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myHR was recently updated to ensure the system is stable, secure, and up to date. Most users will see little impact, but a few changes will be apparent to myHR administrators.

Connectivity & Navigation Changes

  • Some versions of Firefox are not compatible with many functions. We recommend using Chrome, Edge, or Safari.

  • The previous menu option (“Navigator”) has been renamed “Menu,” and is still available under the compass icon. Pages have been organized alphabetically.

  • Favorites can now be accessed using the Heart icon in the top left corner of the screen.

  • The search screen will have a slightly different look and feel on all of our administrative pages.

  • If you wish to “Include History” on pages such as Job Data or Position Data, you must select that option when searching for a record. (The Include History button is no longer available on the data panel itself.)

“Job Data” becomes “Manage Job”

  • The previous Job Data panel has been replaced by PeopleSoft’s modernized Manage Job page. The page will look different, but all of the job data you are used to seeing will be present.

  • To navigate to the new page, select “Workforce Administrator” from the top left corner; then select the “Manage Job” tile.

  • Instead of tabs across the top, Manage Job is separated into individual sections on the same page. Open each section to view its data; all information previously part of Job Data is housed under one of the new sections on Manage Job.

  • If you previously bookmarked or favorited the Job Data page, you will need to re-bookmark it. Simply navigate to Manage Job as indicated above, search and click into a job record (any record), and select “Add to Favorites” from the menu (three dots).

“Temp Panel” becomes “Manage Temp Job”

  • The previous Temp Panel has been split into two separate pages: Manage Temp Job (for pay/title changes and terminations), and Temp Reports To (for timekeeping/training approver changes).

  • To navigate to the Manage Temp Job page, select “Workforce Administrator” from the top left corner; then select the “Manage Temp Job” tile.

  • To navigate to the Temp Reports To page, select the Compass icon (top-right corner), and click Workforce Administration > Job Information > Temporary Assignments > Temp Reports To.

  • As with Job Data , if you bookmarked the previous Temp Panel, you will need to re-bookmark either or both of the new pages.

  • While the underlying data entry is similar to the previous Temp Panel, some pieces will look a bit different. Please refer to our Temp Panel Changes article for more information.